Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sakae sushi

When to Sakae Sushi today and guess what? I still love Zanmai!!! LOL

Seriously, Sakae really disappointed my precious tummy! At least I still got some
"nice" photo from there! haha!

Sakae Sushi Series

These is the "tools" we will be eating with~ Sakae Sushi set!
One think "good" is we can order whatever we want using their computer!

Micky mouse? This is actually a kiddie meal, and it look more like the Joker from Batman... a lot scarier....

Some prawn rolls... Did not taste it though, does not look attractive enough~ hehe

Our Macha! =P Like the taste~

Emptied cups

Salmon Don

Beef ramen? ><""

Ice cream! Got it thanks to Philip! haha~ I enjoyed this the most among all the food... ==""

Actually love this flavor, black sesame!

Let me end with Mr Sakae Frog!!

Have a nice day!! XD XD

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