Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A day out with Joreen~

Went out with Joreen today to buy some deco stuff for this Saturday and also helped her to take some photo she needed for her assignment! (I am part time I.D student as well~ muahhaa)

So here are some photos I took today, getting there~~ (I mean my courage~ XD photo wise, please do comment n critique yea~)

Yea yea, another sky photo~ XD

Do you miss your school life? Yes, I sure did! I stalked a girl!! XD XD

A bit underexposed? Yea, just noticed it... ==""

Impian Height~ Love the sky though~

Pillar~ Some abstract I wanted to try~ hehe

The two ladies of the day! WOohoo~ lol~~
>< Sry la, dun stare at me like that la....

Interesting~ Some snoopy toys I haven't seen ages ago~

Don't ask me, I am attracted to boxes~

Nothing interesting here, just maybe this can be a decent stock photo~ haha

Yea yea, I know, I have something with the sunset~ I love them!


"How I wish I could get out of here...."

Don't you love this? haha~

Thats all for today! Have fun CnC~~

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