Monday, March 16, 2009

Day at park~

Went to a park this evening and hey, I got myself plenty of nice shots~~ haha~ here are them!

The fake "tree" with the real tree~

Look at that kid!!! Is he strong or what? LOL

Abstract attempt

With Flash~~ Nice huh?

Found this flower somewhere in the middle of the park! Love it! (without flash)

Same flower but with flash

Sky again~~ WEEE~

Love the feel of that reflection

When a journey ends, the other journey begin~

Looks familiar? XD

Okay folks, thats all for today!! Have fun Comment n Critique~~~


  1. yeah yeah! very familiar!
    i love that flower! ^___^ without flash!
    manyak cantik! next time shud tag along!
    oh ya~ tat kid is not strong, he's trying to fool our eyes by sitting on the pole =) bad kiddie kiddie~ XD

    -Ling- =D

  2. Bravo!!!
    i gotta give you a big clap here..
    although i'm not knowing well the skills of photographing,
    i really like the plants you captured.
    The pictures look warmth when i see them.
    There are 2 pictures which i like the most.
    1.flower(without flash)

  3. @Ling MEI!! hahaha thanks thanks~~ Will improve more to bring you all better photos and concept in the future!!! Ya, aiks... cannot tipu you tim.. bout the kid~ haha

    @May hahha! Many thanks!!! Will improve more!
    drop by more often wor!
    @Ashi Teehee~ glad that you enjoyed my photos~ ^^ Will try to bring more enjoyment to you!