Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photoshooting with PL

(Commercial break from ACGC)

At first thought of asking PL out to eat teabreak, suddenly PL suggest that we go the the park and take some photos after the teabreak~ XD

So, we went to the park near her house and tadaa~ below are some of PL works and my works! =P enjoy~

Taken by PL using D60, nice hor~~

Taken by Gorgan using D60

Taken by Gorgan using D60

See~ PL enjoying taking photo using Cammie~ XD

Another Sky photo by me~ using D60~

Guess who took it?? PL!! XD used D60~~

Taken by PL using S210

HUHU~~ PL enjoying taking the lovely flower~~

Taken by PL, Love how she composed this photo~


Finally wanna go home d~ Still syoking herself~~ Guess I have successfully poisoned her~~

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