Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ACGC part 2

Here you go, ACGC part 2~ Enjoy!

"Kame kame~~"


*Gulp* Just now friend friend, now Ichigo wanna kill him pula...


Don't look like Ichigo at all.... *Sigh....*

Erm... who is this again? XD

Hiro Hiro!!! Hiro Nakamura from Heroes!!! LOL~ (Why the sad face....=( )

Er, gentleman? Public area... please control?

"Save the "Cosplayer", save the world"

Naruto's kagebunshi at the crowds?

"YAADAAA!!!" (Looks more in pain XD)

Misa Misa~ So.... wood?

Ohh!! Teleport to this place huh?

L fat d...


No idea who is this~

Why Nel so not Nel a? =P


Soul Eater dude~

Oversized head storm trooper...


Let's just end part 2 with this ACGC MiniCooper and our lovely "shocked" Jasmine218, shall we?

Part 3 will be up soon! And this time is not bout cosplayer~ Its a bout the human that followed me to Tropicana City Mall! XD

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  1. The girl in the orange outfit and green hair is Ranka Lee, she's a character from Macross Frontier =3