Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday week

So, yeap, last wednesday was my 21st birthday and a few of my friend's group celebrated with me~ Found meaning in my 21st birthday~ Not just what normal people want in theirs, those fun, those branded bags~ and stuff~ XD XD Thanks those who sincerely wished me and celebrated with me~ Thanks!

My churchmates who spent their time at FullHouse and celebrated with me~ Thanks~

Thanks Philip and the rest who celebrated with me as well, sorry, don't have a nice photo to post up here~ =P But thanks!

Thanks these three pretty girls accompany at Pasta Zanmai@ MidValley too!

Yeap, we did have our lovely time there~ As usual, our pig ma (that middle one) camwhore a lot with my Vader~~ XD XD

So, yeap, I have a great birthday this year~ Of course there are more things happen la, but that is something for me to know~ ^^ Good Night~


  1. this week also my birthday week, yea today is my birthday haha
    anyway happy belated birthday to you:)

  2. ur mama is so darn fabulous! :P

  3. LOL!!

    @ashi thanks!!!

    @Ababe ==""" I am more interested in the kid at the background lo... XD

  4. Not a kid la... the fella is an adult laa! =_="

  5. btw, at first i tot who the hell is ababe. why la i have suddenly become ababe.

  6. POLKA DOT KINDDIE! hahaha i found u at 1st glance!! standing in d middle row with biggie specs. =D rite rite??

    -Jerrica- @@" =.=" =.="