Friday, June 12, 2009

Tenji Japanses Buffet

Have you ever had your supper at 9pm?

Most of all, your supper is....


Well I just had mine on 11 June, which is yesterday~ XD

Went to Tenji because May said she could get discount for us~

Compare to Shogun, I really would like Tenji better!!! Even though the price is at a huge gap!

Lets not waste your time reading what I typed and go to the photos~ =P

Tenji's advertisment photos by Gorgan~
XD (Vain~)

The Tenji's food-related photos~
Drool at your own risk~

Now now, this salmon roll is delicious~
(Look! taken with SB600!! T.T Poisoned)

Oyster! Gosh... First time tasting it and I can still remember the texture of it in my mouth~ yummy~~
(This too!! SB600!! T.T)

The dessert~


We can't forget about the human right? So, let me present SOME of the human photos~
Didn't really took everyone's photos and not everyone's photo can be posted here~ so, yeap~ Tadaa~ some of the Human~ XD

(Look at the effect of SB600 can do!!! T.T)

(I am wondering how many cameras are taking them...
Jasmine(left) look at left, Joreen(right) look at her right... Hmm..)

You can't forget ME as well right??!!? XD Leng zhai!!
(SB600 photos again T.T)

Andrew!! Finally backed from Ireland and surprised Susan!!! XD
(SB600.... T.T)

Enjoying her food~~

Japanese cheese cake~

After filling up our stomach, I still manage to take some more photos~~ Not much though, but I will only post one la~ =P

But overall I had a satisfying supper back then~ Worth it and if I have more and extra money, I would really want to come again~

With this I end my post~ =P

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