Friday, February 27, 2009

Kid Chan's photography course~

Ever heard of Kid Chan? Well, he is a professional photographer with lot of experience in photography~ Here is his blog, have a look and know more bout him~

Guess what?!? He is going to give a seminar on photography!!!

Gosh!! I seriously wanted to attend that seminar since I've start photography and really would want to improve my skills and knowledge on photography~ As you guys know, I just got a SLR camera not long ago and all the photos I took was, so so, nothing too special to attract people and my composing and lighting are still waaaay behind above average, for this, I would really wish I could attend his Basic Digital Photography Course.

Always wanted to learn more on taking "candid" photography, portrait and also scenery photography... I guess these are my way of photographing? Haha~

Money really is a big issue when reality hits me... Ouch... its way too expensive for a student like me~ haha~ Really would want to be in that seminar.... >< Still, hoping and praying that miracle happen and not let me slip this one opportunity slip away! XD XD XD

Have a nice day then~

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