Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo-hunting trip

13 Feb 2009

I do not know about other photographers, but today, was my ever 1st photo-hunting as an amateur photographer! 

Does anyone did this? Photo-hunting? XD 

Anyway, the main purpose of this hunting is to:
1. Train my eyes to be more sensitive
2. Practice on manual focus and the lighting and the iso thingy~
3. To build up my courage as I am still shy when I am holding Vader~ 

And so, below are some result of today's hunt!!! CnC are welcome! 


Promoting the Valentine Goodie

Woot~ Pretty~

I love this one!! Nice post there Fei Mui!

The framing/composition is abit... hmm... ><

Will put in the caption in Psychoticness blog


Post Processed~~ 

Purposely OOF(Out of focus)

Halo uncle!! 

Don't disturb me, I am drifting...

Love this photo~~ But, something's missing... hmm....

Let me end with this~ Lovely

Time to rest~~~ zzzzzz

1 comment:

  1. Ok here I am. Seriously I just only know dis site exist. Lol.

    Woot, ur Vader realy captures high quality pics. Jeluz la... But I more prefer to c more abstrct pics, smth like ppl nvr tot of taking.