Saturday, November 7, 2009

comfort .zone


do you know where is the safest, comfortable place to a person?

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I think is my bed. A place which I can sleep without waking up i n the midnight worrying if I will be attacked.

This is a place where I hope I can really sleep on it and do not have to wake up, to face the world with lotsa conflict, problems and issues.

This is a place where I can be myself without worrying people will judge me.

this is my



It is time for me to wake up and face the world. Yeap, it is definitely comfortable here, it is of course safe in here, but....


I will be missing out a lot of meaningful stuff, fun stuff, and stuff which will make me grow!

so, it is time, it is time to wake up, fold my blanket, change my clothe and face the world,

to be a better ME,

my passion, my dream, my reality, my future,

friends, or not, behold the awaken ME~



that's my bruther by the way~ =P suddenly got my Ah Ha moment when I am preparing to go to church this morning and *snap* here it is! =P

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