Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maxwell Hill

Stand out! 

AH~~ I love this one~ The eye~~ LOL XD (I'm obsessed with eyes~ GG)

Hey see, you are the first human that appear in my PhotoBlog~ hoho~

All those photos above are taken using D40~ Sob sob, you can see the difference with those below which used S210 hor~~ T.T
My models~~ Aren't they cute? XD

Tada! Sorry a, I know you aren't in your best "face" in this photo~ But can't resist to put you in here~ XD

Hot hot~

 Pretty sky~~ 

Hmm, guess some of the watermark on my photo are kinda big eh? 


  1. Gosh ~
    is it so hard to get my better picture ..

  2. The last pic is nice! how did u took it? x)

    the clouds look like wings weeee

  3. erm, actually its just like that~~ find the right angle and wahlah! you get what u want~~ hehhe

    btw, thx~~ hahha


  4. wow... scary face... can remove the old woman's face? haha...

    There are some nice and interesting photos...

    Your skill has improved...

  5. @Jin

    Thanks thanks!! neh~ I love that photo leer~ one of the photos which i am proud of~ XD


  6. yo!!you posted my picture which looked alike with bear..jeez..anyway, forgive you, because of your photographing skills improved a lot.haha..
    the last picture which i like the most..